Hey, aspiring YouTuber!

Yes, you!

I know you've been thinking of starting your own YouTube channel for a while.

Maybe you've even dabbled in it a bit here and there.

But somehow it never seemed to work for you.

You couldn't seem to muster up the confidence to start showing up online.

You would love to be one of those successful creators that people love to binge watch.

But you're just not sure how or if you'll ever get there.

You know how amazing YouTube can be

You've seen other successful creators making a living uploading videos they love to create. The dream, right?

But why YouTube though?

  • YouTube is a steady evergreen platform (aka you get paid for videos you've posted years ago - unlike Instagram).
  • 81% of internet users have a YouTube account (more than Facebook, Instagram accounts etc.)
  • YouTube is the second most visited website (after Google), so no, it's not going anywhere.
  • YouTube makes that dreamy freedom lifestyle a reality.

Picture this:

(on repeat, on multiple of your videos - yes, even ones you published years ago)

How amazing would it feel to:

  • Have the freedom to paint your days exactly how you want them to look like? ✨
  • Create multiple streams of income (even completely passive ones)? 💰
  • Replace your 9-5 income whilst doing something you love - creating content. 💵
  • Have the freedom to take time off whenever you need to, while your YouTube channel still makes money for you in the background? ⌛
  • Be completely flexible when it comes to where you work, how much, what projects you take on? 👩‍💻
  • Wake up in the morning to new sales, affiliate commissions or brand sponsorship offers? 💵

But maybe you're thinking:

"Yeah, Madeline, that sounds great but whenever I gave YouTube a try, it simply didn't work for me".

A lot of starting YouTubers never get far and that's because:

✗ They don't know how to make their videos searchable or suggestable, so they only get a handful of views.

✗ They constantly overthink what to post, so they end up not posting at all.

✗ They don't know how to do keyword research or to optimise their videos.

✗ They have no idea what their YouTube strategy really is.

✗ They don't know how to pitch to brands for sponsored posts or how to effectively monetise their channels.

And on top of that, starting a YouTube channel can bring up a lot of these thoughts:

  • 🙈 I hate the sound of my own voice.
  • 🙈 I'm not confident enough on camera.
  • 🙈 My life isn't interesting enough to film.
  • 🙈 I have no idea how to pick a niche.
  • 🙈 Making videos takes me too much time.
  • 🙈 I don't want to be seen as cringy or look like an amateur.
  • 🙈 I'm self conscious about how I look on camera.

Is this you too, lovely?

Then let's fix that, shall we?

This doesn't have to be such an overwhelming process.



The complete course to grow your YouTube channel and monetise it successfully.

Ditch the overwhelm. Gain that confidence. Become that bingeable YouTuber, step by step.

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Hi, I'm Madeline

I started my YouTube channel randomly in 2012. I didn't post much and I had so much fear of what others would think of it.

I also started my blog on New Year's Eve of 2013 and it took me years to learn the ins and outs of it all.

I felt it all: the fear of failure, the imposter syndrome, the perfectionism, the fear of judgement.

But I'm so glad I kept going in spite of this.

I spent years learning all about algorithms, SEO, keyword research, marketing and everything that actually helps move the needle in an online business like this.

Until it finally clicked.

I have since grown my "little" online business to replace my 9-5 income and, yes, that is possible even if you don't have millions of subscribers.

My main channel currently has 15k subscribers, and my second channel has only 3k subscribers - and yet I still earn my full time income through all of this.

I am now here to help you do the same. I'll be holding your hand through this whole process, so that you don't feel as overwhelmed as I did years ago.

I learned exactly what makes a video get picked up in the YouTube algorithm and how to grow an audience that actually cares.

And then I learned how to actually monetise my channel effectively.

The YOUTUBEFLIX course puts together years of lessons, mistakes and strategies

So you don't have to keep testing and falling on your face to reach results.

Take the shortcut, start earning with your YouTube channel and turn this into your full-time business.

As a member of the Youtubeflix program, you get instant access to:

  • All 4 full value-packed training modules that teach you all the ins and outs of YouTube growth and monetising.
  • All the video lessons: click-by-click, look-over-my-shoulder type of tutorials, strategies and tips you need to grow faster.
  • Our exclusive members-only community for YouTubers, so you never feel alone on this journey and get your questions answered.
  • Cheatsheets + templates for everything you need to successfully monetise your channel (yes, even without having 100k subs).
  • Full access to the course content and any future updates for free.

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What's inside the course

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  Module 1: Basics
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  Module 2: Create
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  Module 3: Grow
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  Module 4: Grow
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You've got questions:

1. What makes the Youtubeflix course different?

This is a no-fluff course. I'm not here to waste your time. I want to help you get results faster from your YouTube channel, so I've packed this with everything you need to get there: the strategies, the mindset, the setup, the money making methods - *all of it*.

In a way that feels simple and sustainable for your lifestyle.

2. What if I have no idea what my channel should be about?

Whether you already have a few ideas in mind or have absolutely no idea what kind of channel you could have in order to be successful, this course will help you figure it all out. Your niche, your audience, your entire strategy.

3. What if I'm busy and don't have a lot of time?

I focus on getting you results as fast as possible. That's why I created this course for you.

I'm not here to overwhelm you with all the fluff. I'm here to give you the exact steps you need, so that you don't waste time on things that don't move the needle.

YouTube is also an evergreen platform. Meaning the content you post today has the potential to bring you income even years after first publishing. So yes, it will take some work, but it is SO very worth it in time. Especially if you're looking for that freedom lifestyle.

4. How long do I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access to everything in this course, there is no current limit on it. You can always go back and re-take the lessons if you need a refresher. And you can go at your own pace.

You will be able to download all printables, worksheets, checklists, resources - and keep them for future reference.

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